How to unlock a door without a key ?

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Learn how to unlock a door without a key with these simple tricks:

Opening a door with a credit card works only on a Doorknob’s because it has a curved latch bolt – the part that slides into and out of the strike plate on the frame. The idea is to slide the credit card in between the door and the frame where the doorknob curved latch located, wiggle the card back and forth and pushing the latch back into the door. This may take some practice, but it is easy to learn. 

Tip – try to push or pull on the door while sliding the card back and forth.

lock picking is the technique of unlocking a lock by manipulating the components of the lock device without the original key by using a pick tools. Pick Tool set usually contains tension tools, rakes, and picks. The tension tool is used to apply tension to the lock’s internal parts, while the rake is used to move pins back and forth until they are in the correct position. Pick tools are available from many places including hardware stores and online retailers – they can range in price from $10 for basic tools up to $60 for more professional tools.
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