How to Get a Replacement Car Key Without the Original

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A lot of times we get phone calls from customers who say "I don't know if you can help me but I lost all my car keys" the answer is yes and this how:

If your car lock cylinders have not been changed getting a key made from the vin number it’s very simple, you will be asked to provide :

  • Your vehicle’s year make and model
  • Your VIN#, also known as Vehicle identification number
  • Proof of ownership, such as vehicle registration, title, or insurance

We need these to verified you have legitimate ownership of the vehicle you’re requesting keys for. Once verified, our automotive locksmiths will use a key code that is associate with your vehicle identification number to decode the cuts and create a new key without the need for supervision, using a special high end key cutting machine. 


Lishi lock pick and decoder are a time saving way to open locked cars or make replacement keys without the original. The Lishi lock pick and decoder specifically designed for vehicles. They are over 100 different Lishi selections, each designed for different brands and models of vehicles. Our automotive locksmiths will pick your door lock to decode the lock by determining how deep is depth of the key cut. this allowed us to make a key to the lock without removing it. 

If you have lost your keys, Our Automotive locksmith experts can create a new key by disassembling one of the locks on your vehicle. Removing the whole lock is a time-consuming process because the locksmith needs to open the lock cylinder and evaluate the height and alignment of the wafers inside the lock cylinder. Then, he will use the information to cut a new working key for the lock.  

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